Uniqueness And Innovations

1. Open source 128 bit Encryption so your data is always secure.

2. We will support you for a year after developing your website. After you renew your website with us for a very reasonable price, we will continue supporting you. So, that’s basically your lifetime.

3. We thoroughly check your website for performance benchmarks, server speeds, mobile responsiveness, hacking possibilities before deploying.  What that means is an edge over your competition in loading time, text rendering and security which ultimately means better customer experience.

4. We provide you with analytical tools so that you know where your traffic is coming from. A snapshot is attached below. This means unlike facebook accounts or Google accounts, you are in control of your website.

5. We help you with search engine optimisation by heaps of ways including putting your business on google and bing as well as providing you with the state of the art technologies and tips that will give you an edge over the competition.

6. Our Pricing is always fair, meaning no hidden fees or bullshits.

7. We experiment a lot. That means, a lot of new features for you which you won’t get from other developers. Some of our websites have features like:

  • Live Chat

  • Push Notifications across various platforms using OneSignal

  • Multiple Payment options for your business like WeChat and Ali Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay as well as the usual payment solutions

  • Online ordering systems with real time driver-tracking capabilities.

If you are interested, please contact admin@ultrondevelopments.com.au or call us on 0420990902 visit our contact us page.

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